Engagement Invitation

  • Joyful Hues

    Joyful Hues

    From HK$23.00

  • Wonderful Watercolor Flowers

    Wonderful Watercolor Flowers

    From HK$26.00

  • Getting Hitched

    Getting Hitched

    From HK$26.00

  • Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect

    From HK$26.00

  • Blossoming Love

    Blossoming Love

    From HK$23.00

  • Intricate Elegance

    Intricate Elegance

    From HK$26.00

  • Vintage Frames

    Vintage Frames

    From HK$26.00

  • Color of Passion

    Color of Passion

    From HK$26.00

  • Cheers to Forever

    Cheers to Forever

    From HK$26.00

  • Type That Lasts

    Type That Lasts

    From HK$26.00

  • Our Story

    Our Story

    From HK$26.00

  • Floral Fascination

    Floral Fascination

    From HK$23.00

  • Perfect Match

    Perfect Match

    From HK$23.00

  • Memories of Love

    Memories of Love

    From HK$23.00

  • As Endless As The Sea

    As Endless As The Sea

    From HK$23.00

  • Blocks of Bliss

    Blocks of Bliss

    From HK$23.00

  • Happy Union

    Happy Union

    From HK$23.00

  • Modern Marriage

    Modern Marriage

    From HK$23.00

Personalisable Engagement Invitation Cards Online

After the proposal and before the wedding, celebrate this intimate moment with your loved ones as you gather in recognition of the journey ahead. Create personalisable Engagement Invitation Cards online at Photobook Macau SAR China, and call loved ones over to be with you for your special moment. There’s a select range of lovely Greeting Card designs to help you set the tone for your engagement party, covering floral to rustic, minimalist to picturesque, and pastel to typography.

Of course, you can always go the extra mile and design your Engagement Invitation Card with your very own custom layout to give it that personal feel. Add in scrap items, vectors, and whatever else you want, making it in several different sizes to choose from, of square, portrait or landscape, in a choice of either flat or folded to really make it uniquely yours.

An Engagement Invitation Card kicks off the first of your upcoming invitations (bridal showers, stag, wedding, baby showers etc). All from just a Greeting Card, it gets the hype going and gets everyone in on the series of upcoming events. Take your pick from our collection of fully personalisable Engagement Invitation Cards online at Photobook Macau SAR China to start sharing your excitement with family and friends.

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