Large Format Prints

  • Blank Template

    Blank Template

    From HK$138.00

  • Heart Full of Love

    Heart Full of Love

    From HK$138.00

  • Photomontage


    From HK$138.00

  • Insta-graphy


    From HK$138.00

  • Season To Season

    Season To Season

    From HK$138.00

  • Moment Medley

    Moment Medley

    From HK$138.00

  • Canine Collage Cuteness

    Canine Collage Cuteness

    From HK$138.00

  • Forest Friends

    Forest Friends

    From HK$138.00

  • Easy Breezy ABC

    Easy Breezy ABC

    From HK$138.00

  • Rocker Chic

    Rocker Chic

    From HK$138.00

  • A Princess Affair

    A Princess Affair

    From HK$138.00

  • Graduation Collage

    Graduation Collage

    From HK$138.00

  • We Love Mom

    We Love Mom

    From HK$138.00

  • Super Sparkle

    Super Sparkle

    From HK$138.00

  • Sha-Glam!


    From HK$138.00

Let your favourite memories take on a whole new light as you create fully personalizable Large Format Prints online with us. Colours take on a dramatic upshot and details are brought to attention, accentuating your photos to make it look better then ever! Our Large Format Prints are available in three sizes and comes in both Portrait and Landscape, making it ideal for scenic shots, collage posters, gifts, announcements, calendars and lots more.

You could even choose from four different paper types, each with its own unique traits.

Ultra Lustre: Stunning polished surface with a mild sheen, experience pin-sharp details in colour consistency and brilliance.

Ultra Raster: Thickest of the four, it’s also unique in that it has a rougher hexagonal texture for a more rugged look and feel.

Ultra Metallic: A strong sheen with silk-like presence, it has a grainy yet smooth quality that exudes a pearlescent finish.

Ultra Glossy: Smooth to the touch while offering crystal sharp images, it produces a gleaming finish and excellent whiteness.

Create anything you want, for whatever you need, either from scratch or by selecting from any of the ready made designs above. We’re always adding in different styles and layout for you to choose from, giving you a helping hand on crafting your project. So get started and place an order for fully personalizable Large Format Prints online with us today!

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