High Definition Printing

Phenomenal Colours

Rediscover your favourite photos in its full spectrum of glorious colours. Our HD printing introduces 7-ink colour technology to your images for an ultra sharp and dynamic finish using the Canon DreamLabo digital printing press.

Detailed Definition

Uncover the finer points as every little thing becomes evident. Experience high-level details that is achieved through FM screening which micro controls the distribution of ink-dots, resulting in a continuous flow of colours.

HD High Gloss

A popular paper choice amongst professional photographers, the HD High Gloss offers a handsome shine to your images as it maximizes colour intensity, highlights details and allowing better shades for skin tones and more.

*This is available in standard binding for Medium and Large sizes only.

Brilliant Binding

State-of-the-art, durable PUR perfect binding gives your Photobook a timeless look and feel, with additional reinforced spine backing so your best moments would last a lifetime. Available in both Imagewrap and Debossed covers.

Upgrade to HD Photobooks