Metal Prints

  • Blank Mini

    Blank Mini

    From HK$298.00

  • Blank 2 Mini Square

    Blank 2 Mini Square

    From HK$528.00

  • Blank 4 Mini Square

    Blank 4 Mini Square

    From HK$958.00

  • Blank 6 Mini Square

    Blank 6 Mini Square

    From HK$1,338.00

  • Blank 9 Mini Square

    Blank 9 Mini Square

    From HK$1,788.00

  • Blank 8 Mini Square

    Blank 8 Mini Square

    From HK$1,668.00

  • Blank Panaromic

    Blank Panaromic

    From HK$264.99

  • Blank Landscape

    Blank Landscape

    From HK$858.00

  • Blank Portrait

    Blank Portrait

    From HK$858.00

  • Blank Square

    Blank Square

    From HK$418.00

  • Time After Time

    Time After Time

    From HK$1,338.00

  • Shared Love

    Shared Love

    From HK$958.00

  • Kin Collagio

    Kin Collagio

    From HK$858.00

  • Summer Fun

    Summer Fun

    From HK$1,668.00

  • Happy Family

    Happy Family

    From HK$858.00

  • My Family

    My Family

    From HK$1,788.00

  • All Smiles

    All Smiles

    From HK$124.99

  • Lady Mama

    Lady Mama

    From HK$418.00

  • Mom Mesmerise

    Mom Mesmerise

    From HK$418.00

  • Ever Mom

    Ever Mom

    From HK$418.00

  • Mother's Flowers

    Mother's Flowers

    From HK$418.00

  • I Love Mom

    I Love Mom

    From HK$528.00

  • Summerscapes


    From HK$858.00

  • Metropolita


    From HK$264.99

  • Pandect


    From HK$418.00

  • Little Anecdote

    Little Anecdote

    From HK$298.00

  • Sparkle Power

    Sparkle Power

    From HK$858.00

Absolutely stunning and totally contemporary, experience your best memories in a whole new light as you feature your photos on our gorgeous Metal Prints. Create fully personalizable Metal Print designs online with us and uncover striking beauty as you make your best photo better. It’s available in a choice of either single or multi. The single comes in five different formats of Panoramic, Landscape, Portrait, Square and Mini whereas the multi features several 5” x 5” Metal Prints in various arrangements.

Measuring at only 1mm thin, it is heavier and much sturdier. Images are digitally printed on the metal slates using dye sublimation technology to give it that stunningly sharp image reproduction. This gives you a true to colour image of your photograph so there’s no distortion whatsoever. It’s then treated with a special coating for a lush finish as well as making it easy to maintain. You could clean it with just a damp cloth.

Each Metal Print has its own support structure attached on the back together with hanger brackets so it’s ready to be hanged from the moment you get it.

We’ve prepared a range of designs to get you started as well. Use the Photobook Designer to edit it the way you want it by just dragging and dropping photos, elements, and text. It’s super simple. Have a look through our collection and place your orders for fully personalizable Metal Print designs online.


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